Kids' Natural Wilderness Survivor - (26th July 2016)

Kids' Natural Wilderness Survivor - (26th July 2016)

Available from 12/11/2015 until 27/07/2016

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The Farafoot Kids' Natural Wilderness Survivor courses are based around the four elements of wilderness and survival skills that are: Shelter, Fire, Water, Food

Of course within these four areas there is a huge amount to learn and then there are those woodcraft skills which Farafoot covers that aren't contained within the above, but are still fundalmental to living and working in the wilderness such as cordage making, preparation of animal skins, tools making, birch bark containers, natural glues from resins, hunting equipment, navigation, wayfinding etc - the list is endless.

Farafoot's Kids' Natural Wilderness Survivor course will give a flavour of as many as we can within the time available, but keeping the course fun.

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