Bushcraft & Survival Weekend Skills Course 16th-17th July 2016

Bushcraft & Survival Weekend Skills Course 16th-17th July 2016

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For many a Bushcraft and Survival experience is incomplete if it does not involve a night out. On our overnight courses the day begins with collection of materials on the walk in and, once on site, the building of your sleeping accommodation. You will have choice what kind of a shelter to build, and our support in achieving this, but the act of building the shelter will be you own. Then you get to test your efforts overnight! We have a number of options for forms of shelter that you might want to try from one man to group structures. Fire lighting will be integral to the day, since you will need a fire to rely upon at various points of your stay but foraging, animal tracking, hunting and trapping techniques, natural navigation, water sourcing and food preparation will be also necessary skills to be learnt and utilised. Andy and Nick, as the main bushcraft and survival instructors, like to make these courses as enjoyable as possible, therefore rather than watching them demonstrate their skills, this is a hands on course where they will support you in attempting as many of these skills as possible.

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