Stag and Hen Party Details

Stag and Hen Party Details

Stag and Hen Party Details

Farafoot can provide bespoke stag and hen party itineraries but a standard party could include:

Foraging on your way into camp - we'll transport your kit so that the 2 mile uphill walk is not encumbered by heavy packs.

Lighting your first fire with a striker and using natural tinder after having sourced a stock of dry kindling.

Building group or individual shelters, or perhaps making sack beds and free-standing hammock frames depending on your sleeping desires and the number of attendees.

NB: We can semi-prepare the group shelters if required since these can be arduous to build in a single day, but are great structures for group of friends.

Starting a proper upside-down campfire using traditional techniques such as friction fire lighting.

Sourcing water and understanding what can make water unsafe to drink and how to mitigate against these pollutants.

Trapping and hunting game, although we won't be catching animals during the course but we can provide newly caught rabbit or hares to learning how to skin and properly prepare animals for eating and what animals make the best eating.

Natural Navigation and generally working out where you are using various methods include star navigation, if we can see the night sky and how to tell the time using the sun, again if we can see it. Finally what to do if you cannot see either.

Above and beyond these activities, there will be a lot of time available around the campfire to warm yourself and celebrate the bride/groom-to-be's day and although we do not allow alcohol on our courses, we will allow a toast.

Number of People

Minimum attendees is 8 people, not including the groom, and bride/groom-to-be who will come free. If you are unable to find 8 people willing to sleep outdoors, then please feel free to call us and discuss a custom stag or hen party plan for fewer people. Our pricing structure means that between 8 and 12 people you will pay a slightly higher per person price and over 12 people you will pay a slightly lower price. We will usually ask you to pay a 20% deposit in order to hold a specific date an that will be based on the minimum course cost depending on numbers attending.

Obviously, if you are the best man or bridesmaid and have other "requirements" for the day night, then please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can add these into the experience and whether we can offer a special experience during the stag party that will make sure that the bride/ groom-to-be truly remembers it.