Coporate Teambuilding Course Details

Coporate Teambuilding Course Details

Coporate Teambuilding Course Details

Farafoot is based in the beautiful isolation of the Shropshire Hills; a setting that can inspire and invigorate, as well as bring relaxation from stress. Being the highest hill in Shropshire, our setting on Brown Clee, offers magnificent views of five counties, as well as varied and challenging terrain.

Good teamwork is about motivating individuals to work together to overcome obstacles, express themselves constructively and enjoy achieving common goals. This is what we aim for at Farafoot, and the fun and challenge that is part and parcel of what we do can radically change the way people work together.

Farafoot advocates bushcraft as a corporate team building exercise not just because it is ‘something different’, but because Farafoot also believes in the therapeutic aspect of working within the natural environment, a concept that underpins the Wild Therapy aspect of Farafoot’s operation that is led by Dr Yvette Primrose – an HCPC registered and BPS chartered counselling psychologist.

We refuse to use clichéd and perhaps out-dated analogies between the natural and corporate world, such as talking about “survival of the fittest” or the “corporate jungle”. Instead Farafoot offers bushcraft and wild experiences that have worth in the building or restoring relationships within the business environment.

Obviously we can tailor any course to suit your needs, however we are also aware that most organisations are run by busy people and we can therefore take on the decision-making process to a certain extent by offering a choice of two kinds of course:

Team Building Courses Available

Day Event - The Day Event, as the name suggests, is conducted over a full day between 9am and 5pm. and is the physically less demanding type of event. On this event we guide you through essential survival skills.

Overnight Event - The tougher bushcraft event continues overnight, where we guide you through the process of setting up your shelters, lighting fires through various techniques, and foraging, trapping, and preparing food, which will be used overnight.

For both events team work is essential, and for the overnight version there is the added motivation that the quality of their night’s sleep depends upon it.

We have a superb relationship with the Boyne Arms in Burwartonand work with them so that clients can avail themselves of its excellent dining and catering facilities, providing opportunities to relax and inwardly digest your experience, or to fortify you before the start of the event. We can also offer separate meeting, debriefing and dining accommodation in the Boyne Arms in their separate restaurant area.