Bushcraft & Survival Introductionary Day Course

Bushcraft & Survival Introductionary Day Course

Bushcraft & Survival Introductionary Day Course

The Bushcraft & Survival Introductory course for anyone who wants to sample some of the skills and techniques of bushcraft, woodcraft or survival. It is suitable for people of all ages and experience and suitable also for people who might have carried out some bushcraft activities before.

The course begins at 9.30 with refreshments and introductions*, convening at our Bushcraft and Survival HQ in Burwarton. Before we move outside there will be a briefing and kit check to ensure that safety issues are addressed.

We will then move outside. During the walk-in, during which we will gain an altitude of 1700 ft, we will source items for food and fire and discuss aspects of interest in the environment from a bushcraft perspective. A shelter will have been erected at the bushcraft site to use as a base during the day. In inclement weather the activities will take place under shelter and Farafoot may transport the group to the  site in Farafoot vehicles using the forest tracks. Heavy packs will be transported to the site in the Farafoot vehicle so that nobody has to exhaust themselves carrying things to site.

The first priority on reaching the site will be to set a fire for refreshment and possibly also warmth. We use a custom designed and locally made Farafoot Fire Box, which you will tend in small groups after being shown how to light and build your fire, so that you can remain hydrated and comfortable during the day.  During tea we will consider the choice and use of tools such as saws, knives and axes.

When refreshed you will try out various alternatives for simple shelter construction that could be achieved in limited time and suffice for a short stay. Participants will work in groups during the day to practice these bushcraft skills: friction fire lighting, such as the bow drill and flint and steel strikers and the use of tinder materials; using natural materials for shelter and comfort, including woodcraft and cordage, tree resin for glue, sourcing and using water; and wild food by foraging.  

There will be a break for lunch at a suitable time, when you will have the opportunity to prepare and cook the food that you have brought, as well as any foraged food that you have collected during the walk in.

The aim of the day is for everyone to be hands-on and learn through doing.
Participants will need to bring their own food, either to eat cold or cook over a fire, as well as snacks for the day.

When and where does the course Start and End?

The course starts at our Bushcraft and Survival School in Burwarton at 9.30am and ends at the same venue at 17.30.

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