Bushcraft Overnight Tester Course Details

Bushcraft Overnight Tester Course Details

Bushcraft Overnight Tester Course Details

Farafoot's Overnight Tester is designed around the four principles of bushcraft survival and is perhaps unique in the UK in having access to sites amongst such a large area of moor and woodland on the Boyne Estate.

The walk in to camp is your first achievement, during which we will source items for food and fire and discuss aspects of interest in the environment from a bushcraft and survival perspective.

The first priority on reaching the site will be to set a fire for refreshment and possibly also warmth, so that you can remain hydrated and comfortable during the day.  During refreshments we will consider the choice and use of tools such as knife and axe, the kind of shelters that we could build and the pros and cons of each type.

When refreshed you will try out various alternatives for simple shelter construction that could be achieved in limited time and suffice for a short overnight stay. The type of shelter that you might build will be based on the weather conditions during the course, as a shelter for a nice summer's night will be very different to a shelter for the middle of winter. From there, participants will work in groups during the day to practice certain bushcraft and survival skills from different ways to light a fire, the use of tinder materials, using natural materials for shelter and comfort, including woodcraft and cordage, tree resin for glue, sourcing and using water; and wild food by foraging and trapping. 

There will be a break for lunch at a suitable time, when you will have the opportunity to prepare and cook the food that you have brought, as well as any foraged food that you have collected during the walk in and then in the afternoon, the shelters will be finishes and participants will have time to try out the other skills mentioned above.

At 5pm we will start to prepare dinner which you will have brought with you and after a period of relaxing around the campfire, we will head off to our new beds, or if the weather is favourable to us, we will run a night-time course on celestial navigation or trapping. In most cases the instructors will, at some point during the evening, leave the participants so that they can get some sense of 'fending' for themselves - although the instructors will never be far away.

At 7am the camp will be roused and breakfast prepared and the after that the camp will be stripped and packed up so that the participants should be back down at the HQ at 9am or there abouts.

The aim of the course is for everyone to be hands-on and learn through doing.


lParticipants should bring their own food, either to eat cold or cook over a fire, as well as snacks for the day. However Farafoot will usually prepare an evening meal as part of the course which the participants are very elcome to join us.

Physical Ability

The journey to camp from our HQ is a 2 mile walk-in up the highest hill in Shropshire, however this course is suitable to all abilities and ages since the level of physical activity can be altered to match the participants capabilities and needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or questions about this aspect.

Any personal equipment or heavy packs etc can be transported to the site in the Farafoot 4x4 vehicles so that nobody has to exhaust themselves carrying things to site, also anybody who feels that the walk in to camp would be too much for them, can elect to go in one of the vehicles as well.

When and where does the course Start and End?

The course starts at the Farafoot Bushcraft and Survival School HQ in Burwarton, Shropshire at 09.00am and ends at the same venue at 09.00 the next day. See Map

For large groups a pre-course breakfast is available from the Boyne Arms if it arranged before the day of the course and equally a breakfast is available after the course ends the next day if it is pre-booked. For those coming from further afield, B&B accomodation is available at the Boyne Arms' B&B only 100 yards from the Pub and can be booked directly with them.

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