Kids Wilderness Survivor

Natural Wilderness Survivor

Natural Wilderness Survivor

Farafoot Kids' "Natural Wilderness Survivor" day is designed as an hugely enjoyable bushcraft and survival course for kids from the age of eight to sixteen years old*.

The course is designed around Farafoot's hugely popular adult bushcraft and survival courses and it is about giving the kids a flavour of some of the skills and techniques that will make them into a
'Natural Wilderness Survivor', whilst also having a lot of fun.

This is also a course that any
Brownie, Beaver Club Scout, Scout or Girl Guide will find incredibly useful as it covers many area of wilderness preparation and skills sets that they will find very useful in their outdoor activities.

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Kids' Natural Wilderness Survivor - (26th July 2016)

Available from 12/11/2015 until 27/07/2016

£25.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery