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Farafoot is a Bushcraft and Survival Skills company started in 2012. We make it our business to offer novel, interesting and exciting perspectives on being adventurous 'outdoors'. Connection with nature is crucial for our well-being, and this can be challenging to us given the ways we live today. This is the ethic that guides Farafoot. What we do, though, is no ordinary 'walk in the woods'. If you are looking for inspiration, a physical challenge and don't mind getting your hands dirty then we should be able to help!


Farafoot is moving to Scotland!

To an island, off an island, off an island....off an island

Gometra is a small island off the west coast of Mull, within the Staffa archipelago, and connected to it's larger neighbour Ulva by a narrow tidal causeway. Access to Gometra has always been difficult, both by sea and by land, because it's small harbour is located at the northwestern end of the island, and the eight mile long track across Ulva and Gometra is rugged and not suitable for most kinds of vehicles. The walk across the islands to the houses on Gometra therefore usually means a 3-4 hour walk, depending on the weather, and can be quite exposed - as we have found. The nearest public road is nine miles away on Mull across from Ulva Sound, and the nearest shop is a further nine miles away at Salen on the east coast of Mull....so obviously Farafoot feels in its element on this small but beautiful island.

INCH - I'm Never Coming Home.  Yvette from Farafoot work of Fiction that inspired her to walk to Knoydart in the West of Scotland.

INCH the Book

Bushcraft and Survival Courses

Whilst Farafoot moves to the west coast of Mull, we are putting our bushcraft, survival and craft courses on hold during the progress until we have established ourselves there. However feel free to get in touch with us because you never know! We are still working with groups and people during the move and we may be able to shoehorn you into our itinerary.

About Farafoot Bushcraft


Farafoot guides people through all the skills, techniques and knowledge that you need to live comfortably in the natural environment. These Bushcraft courses are much much more than simply outdoor survival courses in that our bushcraft and survival courses will teach you how to live "generously" or comfortably outdoors, but also challenge you with the phsyicallity of that way of living.


A Year In the Woodsland Working with Bear Grylls Survival Academy




Farafoot Bushcraft guides you through how vastly important fire is outdoors and how to light fires and what kind of fires suit which situations. The types of shelters that are suitable for different situations and that sometimes simpliest is best. Foraging for food that goes beyond just collecting leaves, but also involves hunting and the preparation of meat and other foods that taste fantastic and will provide you with much more than simply keeping yourself alive. Sourcing water that is safe to drink and tastes better than anything that comes out of a tap. Looking after yourself and generally keeping yourself sparkling clean in camp.


On top of this, Farafoot bushcraft guides people in all those craft skills that you need to live outdoors, such as cordage, hide tanning for clothing and footwear, basketry and bark vessel making to store or transport items, using tools and how not to cut off significant bits of yourself or your friend, tool making from scratch using flint knapping techniques to make blades that are far sharper than any steel blade or razor and how to make a decent bushcraft bed that will that will let you sleep like a "bush baby".